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Ronda Rousey age in the cardiovascular system is expressed by moderate cardiac hypertrophy (by 20–40%), an increase in vascularization and concentration of myoglobin in it, and selective growth of the Ca membrane system. The process is based on the reflex principle of coordination with the participation of structures of all motor levels of the brain: cortical (motor cortex), subcortical (striopallidary system), stem (motor centers of the medulla oblongata and midbrain) and segmental ronda rousey husband, uniting the motor centers of the spinal cord; the final “output” of the system is formed by motoneurons. 2.2.2. -a pump responsible for relaxing the heart muscle, changing the spectrum of myosin and increasing its ATPase activity. Simultaneously with the inclusion of the motor response, the control system based on the reflex principle of coordination affects the centers of respiration, blood circulation and other vegetative functions. Urgent structural adaptation to physical activity. The heart acquires a greater maximum rate of contraction and relaxation and, under extreme loads, a higher final diastolic, shock and maximum minute volumes.

In accordance with the motor reaction, pulmonary ventilation increases, cardiac pumping function, regional blood flow is redistributed, function of the digestive organs, kidneys, etc. is inhibited. Stress response The high minute volume and the economical functioning of skeletal muscles, which efficiently extract oxygen from the blood, at maximum loads do not lead to a decrease in blood flow in the internal organs and reduce the degree of their anemia. Thus, in response to a signal about physical exertion, a central control system is formed, providing the ability to quickly respond to this load with muscular activity and mobilization of vegetative organs. Sympathoadrenal (adrenergic) system under the influence of physical exertion in humans and animals is activated, the release of catecholamines by the adrenal glands, norepinephrine by the endings of sympathetic fibers in tissues increases and the concentration of catecholamines and their metabolites in the blood and urine increases many times. Structural changes during long-term adaptation form the system structural trace of a complex architecture, which creates the possibility ronda rousey net worth of intensive and economical physical work.

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ronda rousey

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However, in an organism not adapted to the load, the reaction will be different imperfections. The level of catecholamines in tissues is determined by the ratio of release and recovery of their stock; the latter is realized through synthesis and reuptake. This is the basis of adaptation to physical exertion.

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Depending on the type of muscular work required, the motor response of an untrained organism may not be powerful enough, shorter than required, insufficiently precise in terms of movement coordination and rhythm of performance, etc. Normally, processes are coordinated on the basis of a feedback mechanism: an increased release of catecholamines leads to an activation of synthesis. The fourth stage of the process – the stage of wear of the system responsible for adaptation, is not mandatory; sustained adaptation to physical exertion may persist for many years. This is largely determined by the limited functionality in the untrained body. If the load is small or short, the enhanced synthesis can quickly restore the level of catecholamines in the tissues. The likelihood of a wear stage increases with long breaks between workouts. However, the most important reason for the imperfection of the reaction is that the central control system in such an organism is imperfect. With a more intense and prolonged load, the rate of catecholamine synthesis lags behind their release, their level in tissues decreases, although it remains elevated in the blood.

In this case, the system structural trace and its components in the executive bodies are lost. When a signal is received that prompts the performance of muscular work, the control system that is being formed in response causes a motor response and its vegetative support, operating with the fund of unconditioned reflexes and temporal connections available by that moment. The lag can be due to both the insufficient capacity of the enzyme synthesis apparatus and the insufficient supply of precursors. Restoring this trace anew after the resumption of intense loads has a great structural price for the body, i.e., it again requires activation of the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, and can proceed unsatisfactory, especially ronda rousey bikini in mature and old age and in diseases. If the organism is adapted to this type of muscular work, then it will be provided with this ready-made foundation and adequate to the task. With depleting loads, a situation occurs when the synthesis of catecholamines not only lags behind their increased release, but also decreases below the norm, i.e., the apparatus of synthesis is depleted.

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The principle of continuity of training, adopted in sports, is the basis for the preservation of a sports workout and the condition for saving the body’s structural resources. If the organism is not adapted, then the available fund will not be enough, and this will limit the perfection of management – the work will be executed inaccurately. This leads to a decrease in the release of catecholamines from the adrenal glands and tissues into the blood. Violation of sustainable adaptation to physical activity is facilitated by conditions combined with stressful situations. The control system can provide the organization of the muscular response, fully adequate to the task, only after it has been adjusted based on sensory corrections carried out by means of feedback that carries information about the course of muscular work and its compliance with the task.

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As a result of the training, not only does the adrenergic complex react to a load, but also the power of the catecholamine synthesis apparatus increases, which prevents depletion of their contents during intensive work and system dysfunction. The decisive role of activating the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins and the systemic structural trace that is formed as a result of this activation is highlighted in the development of sustainable adaptation to exercise. It is necessary that the specified fund be enriched with the inter-central relations corresponding to the new task, i.e., that the limiting link “widens”. With the activation of the sympathoadrenal system and an increase in the level of catecholamines in the blood during exercise, the change in the secretion of pancreatic hormones, glucagon and insulin, correlates. As a result, by acting with chemical or other factors on the activity of the genetic apparatus of the cell, it is possible to control the adaptation to physical activity to one degree or another. This improvement of control is achieved in the process of multiple repetition of the signal and the response of muscular ronda rousey nude work – in the training process. In proportion to the magnitude and duration of the muscular load, the secretion and concentration of glucagon in the blood increases. Introduction of animal-adaptable combinations of precursors and cofactors of the synthesis of nucleic acids – folic and orotic acids, vitamin B As a result, the control system is fixed in the form of a dynamic stereotype – the body acquires a new motor skill.

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At maximum loads, this increase can reach threefold. – 1.5 – 2 times increases the maximum duration of swimming trained animals. With an arbitrary exercise, performed for the first time, the efferent stimulating impulse is sent by the control system not only to the muscles responsible for the exercise, but also to the antagonist muscles. The increase in the concentration of glucagon in the blood has a certain latent period, the smaller, the greater the intensity of the load; at small and short-term loads, there is no change in glucagon level.

An inhibitor of RNA synthesis, actinomycin D, on the contrary, completely excludes the development of adaptation. In the case of a power exercise, this prevents the development of the required strength, and in the case of a dynamic exercise, it is sufficiently coordinated to perform it. The main factor causing an increase in glucagon secretion during exercise, the effect of catecholamines on the β-adrenoreceptors of the pancreatic A-cells, is the activation of the adrenergic complex and the increased intake of noradrenaline from the sympathetic terminals into the pancreas, as well as adrenaline and noradrenaline from the blood. The process is influenced by the anabolic hormones that are not always justified, which, unlike the above mentioned vitamins, can cause undesirable changes in the system of neuroendocrine regulation.

In the process of training, gradual selective inhibition of the centers of “extra” muscles occurs, and as a result, in response to the urging signal, only the muscles responsible rhonda rousey nude for this exercise are mobilized – it is implemented more fully and accurately. However, the preservation of high levels of glucagon in the blood against the background of the already decreasing concentration of catecholamines indicates the presence of additional stimulants of hormone secretion during exercise.

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