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Increased glucocorticoid secretion plays a significant rey mysterio without mask role in mobilizing and maintaining the function of the heart and muscles during physical exertion. They have reduced insulin response to the load and the introduction of glucose in food, due to a decrease in secretion, but not an increase in the breakdown of the hormone. These genetics are in favor of this assumption: it turned out that right-handers in their right hand (which, in an untrained person, is able to maintain tension longer than the left), the percentage of “slow” fibers is initially greater. Acting through a specific system of cellular receptor proteins, they ensure the resynthesis and preservation of the population of Na-K-ATPase and other transport ATPases necessary for maintaining the optimum water and sodium content in the cells and carrying out the excitation process. With a carbohydrate diet, insulin secretion is usually stimulated, the secretion of triglycerides, especially low-density lipoproteins, increases in the liver.

At maximum power, i.e., work with frequent alternation of cycles and with significant power voltage, endurance is low, because due to early fatigue of “fast” MEs, muscular activity with the same speed cannot last more than 10-30 s. A direct link was found between the activation of Na-K-ATPase in the myocardium during exercise and an increase in the concentration of corticosterone in the blood. Reducing insulin secretion in response to carbohydrates in a trained body reduces the intensity of lipid synthesis and reduces the risk rey mysterio net worth of obesity and the development of atherosclerosis. The perfection of adaptation to such work depends (with other things being equal) on the organization of shift work in the work of an IU of mainly slow type. An increase in the activity of the enzyme at the beginning of the load is preceded by an increase in the level of the hormone, and a decrease in the activity of the enzyme during depleting loads – a decrease in the glucocorticoid activity of the blood. The economy of insulin secretion does not have a suppressive effect on glucose utilization in skeletal muscles when trained, as in an adapted organism, muscle sensitivity to insulin is increased and the need for hormone is reduced.

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Muscular work is associated with a significant increase in energy consumption. The fall in glucocorticoid levels initiates a violation of the contractile function and the development of myocardial edema. Adaptation to physical stress increases the resistance of the “pituitary-adrenal gland” system to stress and stress effects. The intensity and duration of muscular work are determined largely by the capabilities of the energy-formation system localized in the muscle cell.

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An important role in the mobilization and maintenance of the function of receptor structures and transport ATPases at the urgent stage, as well as in the formation of long-term adaptation to stress, belongs to thyroid hormones. The basis for increasing the reserve power of the system is hypertrophy of the adrenal cortex puchicle zone, secreting glucocorticoids, accompanied by changes in the ultrastructure of corticocytes, leading to an increase in the ability to synthesize corticosteroids. Central to the mechanism of energy supply of muscle fibers is the transition of ATP? ADP. The reactivity of the adenylate cyclase system of cardiomyocytes in relation to catecholamines and their inotropic effect on the heart as a whole are reduced in hypothyroidism, and increased in hyperthyroidism by about 10 times compared with the euthyroid control. Long-term maintenance of optimal glucocorticoid levels in the blood of trained people under stress is necessary to perform intensive long-term rey mysterio mask muscular work. When the process goes to the right, energy is utilized, when to the left – it is formed. Sa activity The higher the fitness of an athlete, the higher his ability to maintain the level of corticosteroids in the blood for a long time during exercise and the higher his performance and athletic performance.

The normal functioning of the muscles is possible if there is a balance in these transitions. -stimulated ATPase AB and its ability to absorb Ca With fitness, the growth of secretion and the increase in blood concentration of somatotropin in response to the load are reduced. ADP / ATP controls oxidative phosphorylation and glycogenolysis by the principle of allosteric feedback. in the myocardium in hypothyroid animals are reduced, and in hyperthyroid animals – increased. With close to ultimate loads, the level of hormone in the blood of trained people is maintained stably for a long time. A high concentration of ATP inhibits the key enzymes of glycogenolysis, the tricarboxylic acid cycle and inhibits the conjugation of oxidation and phosphorylation in mitochondria. Stress reaction. In this case, after the end of the work, the level of the hormone in the blood is normalized earlier.

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Increasing the concentration of ADP has the opposite effect. With prolonged and intense physical exertion on an untrained body, excessive activation of the endocrine regulation section, and mainly the adrenergic system rey mysterio face, often leads to a negative, damaging effect of the stress rey mysterio reaction, which develops in response to environmental factors and was first described by H. The total amount of thyroid hormones in the blood of trained people at rest is reduced. If the process is under conditions of oxygen deficiency, ADP is re-phosphorylated to ATP using KrP or in the process of glycogenolysis and glycolysis with the formation of lactate. Selye in 1950 as a non-specific component of the organism’s adaptation to the changing environmental conditions. In a trained body, the thyroid gland at rest functions more economically, but acquires the ability to mobilize its function to a greater extent during exercise. Under aerobic conditions, ADP is phosphorylated to ATP during oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria using glycogen, glucose or FFA. The main results of the stress reaction are: 1) the mobilization of the body’s energy resources and their redistribution with a selective direction to the organs and tissues of the functional adaptation system; 2) potentiation of this system, the formation of the structural basis of long-term adaptation; In the event of an excessive stress reaction, disturbances of the cell membranes occur, resulting in enzymemia and damage.

Morphological studies of adapted individuals show an increase in the number of medium-sized follicles in the thyroid gland, an increase in the concentration of thyroid precursor and tyrosine in the colloid, and the concentration of cytoplasmic RNA in thyrocytes. The latter make a significant contribution to energy production under aerobic conditions by entering wwe rey mysterio the tricarboxylic acid cycle. The effect of excess catecholamines on organs and tissues, in which their lipotropic effect becomes excessive, leads to the activation of lipid peroxidation in cell membranes. The decrease in the level of gland function plays a certain role in the development of the phenomenon of a decrease in the intensity of basal metabolism at rest, which is characteristic of fitness.

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Amino acids after deamination can enter this cycle through pyruvate and acetyl coenzyme A and be fully oxidized. In conjunction with hypoxemia, tissue hypoxia and acidosis, this leads to damage and dysfunction of the cytolemma, cells, tissues and organs. In the process of development of adaptation decreases the activity of tirocalcitonin in the blood in response to the load. However, as a source of energy for muscular work, protein oxidation normally plays a very limited role, which increases with debilitating heavy loads.

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As a result, the positive effects of catecholamines, which are manifested in the mobilization of energy supply and the efficiency of the system responsible for adaptation, turn into damaging ones. The changes depend on the level of fitness: the higher the qualification of the athletes, the smaller the increase in plasma tirocalcitonin activity in response to the same load. Under load in skeletal muscles, ATP and CRF levels rapidly decrease, oxidative resynthesis of ATP and oxygen consumption increase, glycogenolysis and glycolysis are activated, which is accompanied by a decrease in glycogen level and an increase in pyruvate and lactate.

In an untrained body with maximum loads, a decrease in working capacity is accompanied by the activation of lipid peroxidation and enzymemia. This is due to the economical activation of glucocorticoid secretion, which play an important role in stimulating rey mysterio unmasked the secretion of thyroid hormone. In working muscles, the glycogen content decreases, the concentration of glucose and glucose-6-phosphate increases, which indicates a high level of glycogenolysis. Preliminary administration of antioxidants that inhibit the activation of peroxidation, prevents these phenomena and leads to an increase in endurance.

Thus, it is obvious that in the process of forming a stable long-term adaptation of the organism to physical loads in certain parts of the neuroendocrine system, certain structural changes develop, which increase the functional capacity of the system.

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