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Under all triple h net worth, a faster increase in the mass of structures responsible for ion transport and energy supply plays an important role in the development of long-term adaptation. In response to an increase in function, biosynthesis and accumulation of short-lived membrane proteins occur earlier and to the greatest extent. The content in the mobilized skeletal muscles of CrF, glycogen and ATP decreases, and the concentration of ammonia and lactate increases, which limits the intensity and duration of how old is triple h. This role is determined by the fact that with a large load, the increase in the function of the myocyte is limited, first, by the insufficient capacity of the membrane mechanisms responsible for the timely removal of Ca from sarcoplasm Transcripts encoding the synthesis of key cell proteins, due to the highest affinity for the metabolite regulator or other features of their design, are available for RNA polymerase at lower concentrations of the metabolite regulator, i.e., at lower loads on the organs and systems.

Under the influence of catecholamine-activated lipid peroxidation, as well as activation of lipases and phospholipases, cell membranes are damaged and pronounced enzymemia is observed in the blood. , arriving there at each excitation cycle, and, secondly, the insufficient capacity of the mechanisms of resynthesis of ATP, in an increased amount consumed during each contraction. As a result, with repeated moderate loads, a selective increase in the mass and power of the structures responsible for control, ion transport, energy supply and, as a result, an increase in the functional capacity of organs and systems, forming the basis of adaptation, develops. Increased protein breakdown in skeletal muscles and internal organs establishes the body’s negative nitrogen balance. The advanced, selective increase in the mass of the triple h net worth responsible for the transport of ions and mitochondria, which carry out ATP resynthesis, “widens” the link limiting function and becomes the basis for sustainable long-term adaptation.

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In mammals, ATP derivative – cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) – is a powerful inducer capable of activating the process of transcription in cells and increasing the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. The respiratory system provides maximum mobilization of breathing, manifested in an uneconomical increase in pulmonary ventilation by increasing the frequency, but how old is triple h is not the depth of breathing, discoordination between regional blood flow in the lungs and ventilation of the corresponding sections of respiratory tissue, as well as discoordination between breathing and movement. 6. Noradrenaline and its analogue isoprotorenol, which specifically activate adenyl cyclase, and thus cAMP synthesis under the conditions of the whole organism, naturally cause activation of transcription and an increase in the concentration of RNA in the heart muscle with the subsequent development of cardiac hypertrophy. An increase in pulmonary ventilation at this stage of the process does not relieve severe hypoxemia and hypercapnia. Implementation of? F in highly differentiated cardiomyocytes is carried out in such a way that an increase in function leads to an increase in the rate of reading of RNA from existing genes, DNA replication, an increase in the number of chromosome sets and genes enclosed in them. All other factors that cause cardiac hypertrophy (cold, physical exertion, hypoxia) activate the adrenergic regulation of the heart, and, therefore, can also increase the formation of cAMP and through this metabolite-regulator activate transcription. CCC provides a significant, but insufficient for a long time maintaining a high level of work, an increase in minute volume.

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triple h

As physiological growth in the heart occurs in higher monkeys and humans as a result of DNA synthesis, ploidy of hypertrophied cardiomyocytes increases. After the onset of cardiac hyperfunction caused by aortic stenosis, synthesis of prostaglandins is stimulated in the myocardium, which, in turn, activate adenyl cyclase; as a result, the concentration of cAMP increases in cardiomyocytes. The latter, due to insufficiently complete diastole and amplitude of contractions, is achieved in an uneconomic way due to an increase in heart rate with a limited increase in stroke volume. Thus, in a child with a heart mass of 150 g, 45% of the nuclei of muscle cells contain diploid amounts of DNA, and 47% contain tetraploid. Under the action of hypoxia on the heart, the resulting deficiency of triple h net worth, as in the case of hyperfunction, entails the accumulation of cAMP. At the same time, the blood flow is redistributed in the direction of preferential circulation in the heart, brain, working muscles at the expense of internal organs.

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The latter also activates RNA polymerase and the synthesis of RNA in the nuclei of cardiomyocytes. The limited minute volume can lead to damaging anemia of the internal organs. These processes are started and regulated by a central controlling mechanism with neurogenic and humoral links.

The content of ATP and KF regulates the activity of the genetic apparatus through other metabolites. In general, this emergency stage is characterized by a maximum level and uneconomical hyperfunction, responsible for the adaptation of the system, loss of its functional reserve, symptoms of excessive stress-reaction and damage. In response to a signal about the need to perform muscular work, the central (neurogenic) control unit includes a motor response and causes mobilization of blood circulation, respiration, and other components of the body’s functional system that ensures the performance of work. Magnesium ion is a necessary cofactor for transcription and triple h height, in cells it is in complex with ATP. As a result, the motor, behavioral reactions of the body are limited. At the same time, the hypothalamic-pituitary and sympathoadrenal complexes are activated, i.e., the hormone-humoral link of the adaptation process management.

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With the breakdown of ATP and a decrease in its concentration, the release of magnesium ions leads to the activation of the genetic apparatus of the cells, the growth of cellular structures and an increase in the intensity of fibroblast proliferation in culture; binding of magnesium ions with excess ATP leads to the opposite result. The second, transitional, stage of long-term adaptation to physical exertion is determined by the fact that the resulting activation of the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, caused by an energy deficit, leads to a selective growth of structures and “expands” the links limiting the intensity and duration of the adaptation response. This link implements the stress response of the organism and potentiates the mobilization and functioning of the functional system due to the effect on adaptation changes at the cellular and molecular levels in organs and tissues. The design of the regulatory mechanism, through which the function of the cell affects the activity of the genetic apparatus, is realized through the content of ATP and its triple h net worth. Neurohormonal regulation as a result of the activation of protein synthesis develops consolidation — the fixation of temporal connections and whole conditioned-reflex stereotypes that provide new motor skills.

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The set of processes naturally arises in response to the load in any organism, however, the nature of process control and their flow in an untrained organism at the stage of urgent adaptation will differ from those in the body trained at the established long-term adaptation. The action of such a metabolite is mediated through a complex system of regulatory proteins of the cell nucleus. The degree of coordination of movements increases, the participation of “extra” muscles disappears, the motor reaction becomes more economical. Central (neurogenic) link adaptation. Through the relationship G? The function of the cell determines the formation of the necessary structures. Temporary connections are formed, ensuring the development of coordination between the movement apparatus, circulatory and respiratory systems; their activity is economized, despite the more intense motor response. Formation of triple h net worth and mobilization of vegetative reactions in response to physical activity are provided in humans by the central nervous system based on the reflex principle of coordination of functions.

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Thus, it is a necessary link in the structural support of physiological functions in general and a link in the formation of the structural basis of adaptation in particular. Active synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in skeletal muscles, heart, respiratory muscles and working organs leads to an increase in the mass and power of intracellular transport systems and triple h height. This principle is evolutionarily determined by the structure of the central nervous system: individual reflex arcs of different areas are interconnected by intercalary neurons, and the number of sensory neurons is several times greater than the motor ones.

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