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Biologically, emotions are always associated with the Conor Mcgregor of a fairly intense muscular activity, but according to the conditions of a person’s life, it can be delayed by one reason or another. The problem of adaptation to stress is reduced mcgregor wife to the question of the mechanisms that provide benefits to the trained organism. Sustained long-term adaptation is characterized by a more perfect response of the body, the absence of a pronounced stress reaction and the possibility of normal life activity. In such cases, there is no relaxation of the emotional tension that muscle movements constitute.

The adaptation itself is characterized by two main features. At the stage of urgent adaptation, the main motor reaction of the body is accompanied by a pronounced stress reaction with excessive release of catecholamines, corticosteroids into the blood, etc., a maximum increase in pulmonary ventilation, cardiac output, lactate level and ammonia in the blood, pronounced damage to cell membranes, which manifest fermentemia. If the muscle component is small, and the resulting emotional arousal does not stop for conor mcgregor girlfriend a long time, then the autonomic manifestations can be very significant.

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1. As a result, the response rate of the body decreases, and it is unable to perform long-term muscular work. It is in the absence of the necessary discharge that one of the important negative consequences of a lack of physical activity for a person lies. A trained organism can perform muscular work of such duration or intensity that is not beyond the strength of an untrained one. The long-term adaptation that develops further is characterized by the fact that rey mysterio wife, in response to the same load, there is no sharp stress response, and muscular work is accompanied by moderate values ​​of the same indicators. In difficult and stressful situations, a significant decrease in the level of work performed occurs, which affects, first of all, its results. So, an untrained person hulk hogan wife is not able to run a marathon distance or lift a barbell with a weight far exceeding its own. As a result, it becomes possible long-term stable performance of work.

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General mobilization of the body is a necessary response to overcome difficulties. When performing standard work available to an untrained person, a trained person can perform it for a longer time without fatigue or perform it at such a speed that an untrained person is not capable of. What process proceeds in the body, “expands” with the development of fitness links, limiting the intensity and duration of work at the stage of urgent adaptation?

What is the basis for the transition of urgent imperfect adaptation to long-term and sustainable? However, such mobilization conor mcgregor memes is often unnatural compared to the normal course of the work process. 2. In response to the load created by environmental factors in the cells of organs and tissues to which the load directly falls, synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins is activated, which leads to selective growth of cellular structures that limit the physiological capacity of the system responsible for the implementation of adaptation to this environmental factor . In such cases, it leads to negative results. A trained organism is characterized by a more economical functioning of physiological systems at rest and under moderate loads, as well as the ability to achieve at maximum loads a level of functioning of these systems that is unattainable for an untrained person khabib nurmagomedov wife. As a result, the functionality of the system increases, urgent adaptation becomes long-term. At the same time, a person seems to be rolling, “driven out”, working through force, not seeing anything happening. Thus, in the resting state of trained people, the heart rate undertaker wife can be 30-50 beats / min (“bradycardia of athletes”), their respiratory rate is reduced to 8-15 breaths / min, pulmonary ventilation and minute respiration volume are reduced by 10 – 12% , also at rest reduced oxygen consumption by the myocardium. This development of processes is implemented in the adaptation to physical exertion.

A common phenomenon observed in a person in a difficult situation is a decrease in the accuracy of movements and loss of orientation. Performing standard muscular work is accompanied by a significantly lower increase in blood lactate levels in the trained body, which helps prevent fatigue and conor mcgregor tattoo increase efficiency. During the initial action of any signal that causes an intense and prolonged motor reaction, the functional system providing it is formed in the body. The process of perception of information is violated, its selection and transformation begin to occur on a different basis. The reaction of the sympathoadrenal system and an increase in the level of catecholamines in the blood in response to the load is much less.

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At the same time, in response to the signal, excitation of the corresponding centers and activation of the function of the endocrine glands occurs, leading to the mobilization of skeletal muscles, as well as organs of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, providing energy metabolism of the working muscles. The process of working. Thus, when performing the same intensity work, a trained organism works more economically, with less mobilization of physiological functions. Thus, the functional system responsible for adaptation to physical loads includes the afferent link – receptors, the central regulatory link – the centers conor mcgregor whiskey of neurohormonal regulation at different levels of the central nervous system and the effector link – skeletal muscles, respiratory organs, and blood circulation. The performance shifts that occur under the influence of the work itself in its initial period are associated with the work process. With extremely hard work, the opposite is observed: in the trained body, there is a greater mobilization of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems compared to the untrained. The basis of adaptation. When performing each job in humans, there is a gradual increase in efficiency, a consistent improvement in the mcgregor suit productivity of activities.

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Thus, with maximum work, the oxygen consumption of a trained person can increase to 5–6 l / min, while that of an untrained person does not connor mcgregor net worth exceed 3 l / min; the minute volume of the heart rises to 45–47 l / min, the stroke volume up to 200 ml, while the untrained maximum value of these parameters is 20–25 l / min and 140–145 ml, respectively; pulmonary ventilation can reach 150 l / min, and respiratory rate – 60 respi / min. The increase in the functionality of organ systems naturally entails the activation of the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in their cells. This initial period of work is called the period of work.

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In response to the limiting loads, trained people have a more powerful reaction of the sympathoadrenal system than the untrained ones. This leads to the formation of structural changes that increase the potential of the systems responsible for adaptation, and forms the basis for the transition from urgent to long-term conor mcgregor net worth 2017 adaptation. It is a general biological pattern. As a first shift, the rate of ribonucleic acid (RNA) on the structural genes of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the cell nuclei increases. With equal duration of the average daily organ activity, the average daily IFI will be higher for an organ that functions at a higher level. The period of work in the motor system can be calculated in seconds, with cyclic physical exercises (rowing, running) it reaches 3 – 5 minutes. An increase in the amount of messenger RNA leads to an increase in the ribosomes and polysome programmed by this conor mcgregor racist RNA, in which the synthesis of cellular proteins proceeds intensively.

In a healthy organism, the voltage developed by the myocardium of the right ventricle is less than the voltage of the left, and the duration of the functioning of the ventricles during the day is the same. As a result, the mass of structures increases, the functional capabilities of the cell increase — a shift that forms the basis of long-term adaptation. Accordingly, the content of nucleic acids and brock lesnar wife the intensity of protein synthesis in the myocardium of the right ventricle are also less. The possibility of cross-adaptation at the level of the microsomal oxidation system in the liver has been demonstrated. The activating effect of increased function, mediated through the mechanism of intracellular regulation, is addressed to the genetic apparatus. Different intensity of functioning of structures in different tissues during ontogenesis affects the intensity of RNA synthesis in DNA structural genes, and through RNA, the intensity of protein synthesis. The power of this system is one of the factors affecting the dwayne johnson wife level of cholesterol in the blood and, consequently, the likelihood of atherosclerosis.

The mechanism through which the function regulates the quantitative parameter of the activity of the genetic apparatus, the rate of transcription, is designated as the relationship between the function and the genetic apparatus of the cell.

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