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It is not by chance that the Achilles tendon is the most powerful Ana Cheri naked – it has to withstand loads up to 500 kg. The peculiarity of the dynamic work is that it is observed alternation of opposite movements due to the work of the antagonist muscles. physiological cross-section (section held perpendicular to muscle fibers). Losing strength in the musculoskeletal arms is not an error of evolution, for it is accompanied by a gain in speed of movement.

Such alternation creates favorable conditions for muscle work. Muscle strength depends on a number of reasons, among which are biological and professional. Thus, our muscles actually develop more intensive efforts than it is manifested in relation to external loads and than it seems in everyday life. First, their work alternates with rest periods.

Biological: When studying natural movements, it is not possible to consider isolated body ana cheri net worth segments or individual muscles. Secondly, during such periods the nerve centers that control the muscles relax, which creates favorable conditions for the functioning of the nervous system as a whole. – body type; In these cases we are talking about a complex system of levers set in motion by the joint action of muscle groups. Static work. – gender (in women, muscle strength is 30% less than in men); Any movement is the result of joint activity of the muscles of the three functional categories: This is the work of the muscles while still holding the load. – age (maximum strength in 20 – 30 years, by the age of 60 it decreases to 90%). – muscle agonists that overcome resistance and provide the beginning of movement; In static work, the length of the muscle fibers does not change, but the degree of stress changes.

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Professional factors are closely associated with biological ones. In everyday life, static work manifests itself in two forms: maintaining a posture and holding a load. There were three of them: This period in vegetative systems is slower than in the locomotor system. The force of contraction while maintaining posture is relatively small. – Dependence on the angle of flexion of limb segments (for example, the lower limb can develop a force of 90 to 200 kg, depending on the angle of flexion in the knee joint and the position of the body); The lag of ana cheri net worth functions in the initial period of muscular work is due to their greater inertia and, along with this, the dynamics of nervous processes in the period of work. Continuous muscle contraction in this case becomes unnecessary, it is performed only at certain points in order to correct slight imbalance of ana cheri. – nature of the effort (when pushing, the force is maximal, while rotating – minimal); At the initial moment of operation, the latent period is extended and the strength of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes decreases. However, some special postures, such as keeping the upper limbs in a horizontal position, require considerable static effort. – stability (fixation) of the working posture.

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Such slowing down and weakening of reflexes in the initial period of muscular work is probably the result of a strong arousal of the motor centers of the cerebral cortex, which, by the principle of the dominant, inhibit other reactions of the body. In most cases, when holding a load or maintaining a posture, the opposing force is gravity. The concept of muscle strength should not be confused with endurance.

Such dynamics of intercentral ana cheri in the nervous system reflects the state of the initial effort at the beginning of muscular work. In some cases, static reduction can be directed towards overcoming another external force. Endurance, or work ana cheri exclusive, is the ability to perform work at a given level for a long time without developing fatigue. The initial effort can be called a state of strong excitation of the cortical motor centers, which provides for overcoming the inertia of rest, and also contributes to the formation of the stereotype of labor movements. The peculiarity of the static work is that the same muscle groups function with it. Endurance can be measured by the limiting time during which it is possible to maintain muscle activity at a given level. The conjugate inhibition of a number of nerve centers is also manifested in the weakening and even complete holding of breath at the beginning of difficult or unusual work.

Ana Cheri naked

This leads to extremely rapid fatigue of them, mainly due to poor nutrition. The main factor limiting the duration of work is fatigue. The condition of the initial effort is clearly manifested only in the shortest period of work (in the first 30 – 90 s). Therefore, it is necessary to strive in any work to reduce the static component to a ana cheri exclusive. The path to the development of endurance lies precisely through fatigue. The severity and duration of the initial effort is greater during difficult and unusual work, and vice versa, the manifestation of the initial effort decreases significantly as one becomes accustomed to this particular activity. The person performs most of the actions due to dynamic work, but in any work the static component is more or less present.

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Studies in the physiology of sports have shown that work done before exhaustion is a prerequisite for improving endurance. At this time, performance does not yet reach the usual level and the number of slowed down, uncoordinated and even erroneous actions are relatively large, which not only reduce the efficiency of activities, but sometimes lead to injuries. Basically, fatigue depends on it. In the physiology of sports, strength and endurance are usually evaluated using hand-held dynamometers. If the athlete’s body fails to achieve a harmonious functioning of the motor and vegetative systems in the process of impairment, the ana cheri net worth of the nervous processes with low oxygen supply may make it difficult or even interrupt the exercise. In many cases, a static load arises when performing mental work by maintaining a certain posture. 1.5.

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This state of undesirable functioning or the occurrence of discoordination of functions when performing intensive and long-lasting muscular work is called the dead center. Thus, static loading is peculiar to the majority of works, although it usually appears not in its pure form, but as one of the secondary elements. Physiological mechanisms of health Thus, the process of working is very important for sports activities of man. Muscle work can proceed in different ways: Waiting for the upcoming activity changes the state of the body. Accounting patterns vrabatyvaniya finds dual use in practice. – as a positively dynamic work, during which the muscles, while contracting, perform mechanical work due to the transformation of a part of the produced energy into mechanical; Changes in various physiological functions are detected before working in laboratory conditions, before the start of a work day, and before exercise. First, you need a gradual entry into the work. – how the work is negatively dynamic, during which the muscles play the role of a brake in relation to the action of an external force (under these conditions all the released energy turns into heat); This time is called the pre-launch or pre-working period. Secondly, you can accelerate the process. – as a static work, the physiological basis of which is increased muscle tension.

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In the pre-start condition, breathing becomes more frequent and deeper, gas exchange increases, cardiac contractions increase and increase, blood pressure rises (BP). Acceleration can be achieved by applying preliminary short-term exercises, the nature of which is similar to the upcoming muscle activity. The length of the muscle fibers does not change, the muscle does not perform any external work, but changes occur in its tissues, leading to the conversion of chemical energy into heat.

There are a number of changes in metabolic processes. This contributes to the transition of the organism to the working level of activity. Principles of economy of movements. The composition of blood changes, the amount of sugar in it increases.

At the same time, the functional state of the nervous system changes: the excitability of the muscles and sensory areas of the cortex increases, the time of the motor reaction shortens, the initial effort becomes ana cheri hot less pronounced, the absorption of the stimuli rhythm improves. The ultimate goal of all research in the field of movement is to improve working conditions – the development of principles of economy of movements. Prelaunch changes are similar to those observed during muscular work.

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Under the influence of warm-up, metabolic processes take place better, the efficiency of the organism and, consequently, efficiency increase. There are the following principles of economy of movements: It can be said that the organism moves to the working level even before the start of activity, and this usually contributes to the ana cheri hot performance of work. But the warm-up effect as a factor mobilizing the activity of the central nervous system can be optimal only if it includes movements that are similar in structure, pace and rhythm to the upcoming activity.

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